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Why Do It Yourself ?

We are all tired of scammy marketers calling you at all hours of the day and night.  All the questions of who to talk to or worse yet, who to give your money to is a nightmare and a huge headache.


In the meantime, profits are wasted!  
I discovered early on, after spending $2,000 for a website in 2006, that I had to do most of it myself anyway.  They wanted content and they wanted me to provide all the materials.  

It took hours and time to get the details to them.  In fact, this is why most business never get their website up and running.  They don't even have time for the simple tasks of working with the marketers to get them the details they need.

I decided that I would learn to DO IT MYSELF.  Since I had to do all the foot work anyway, it became easier to find the applications that were easy enough that even a grandmother could do!wink


The Top 5 Reasons Why ...
...You May Not Be Making Money Online

 Not knowing who to hire is a time-sucking waste of time.  It can keep you in DEADLY procrastination.  Certainly you do not want to be in this crazy place of feeling stuck.  The questions come flooding in. Who do I hire?  Where do I start?  How do I begin?  What can I do that doesn't take too much money, time or trouble?

1. Do not know who to hire
2. Procrastination
3. Don't know where or how to begin
4. Creating content takes too much time
5. Spending too much time researching ...
... and getting ZERO results

Getting Lost in the Advertising Maze...
...Is NOT FUN!

Google Algorithms are ever changing as well.  I lost several hundred dollars trying to create a “GOOGLE SMART AD” that was smarter than I!  It ran for 6 weeks solid automatically, to a site that was not set up yet!  I had no idea it was on auto pilot until the charge appeared on my credit card statement!  Forget getting a refund or creating a charge back with Google.  They win!  They keep your money!  There are solutions and I will show you exactly what you can do instead.


Do You Need A Website? Email Auto Responder?  Script Writing Tools and 38 other applications all in ONE LOW PRICE?  Do It Self Design Tools for all Your Marketing Needs is HERE, Right Now.  Try for a Buck!  I am here to help you get started and every step of the way!  ~ Rose Black, Coach, Marketer and Entrepreneur